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GASCo ran its popular Pre-Flight Challenge at this year's Flying Show held at the NEC on 30th November and 1st December.


01 April 2014
TopNav 2014
TopNav is the Royal Institute of Navigation's annual GA navigation competition, using a route designed to take about 100 minutes. It is open to all types, including all microlights, helicopters, autogyros and SLMG/TMGs, with a minimum of 2 crew members. Lunch and refreshments are included and landing fees are waived. It's great fun and open to all levels of experience - and very satisfying if you make a good job of it.
30 January 2014
Aerial View
The survey is designed to gather data on reported health issues that may arise among professional and private aircrew during operation of aircraft. All participants remain anonymous and any data gathered remains strictly confidential.
28 November 2013
The Air Transport Institute of the Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) is conducting research aimed at understanding and improving safety in relation to the application of See-and-Avoid principles in General Aviation. The Laboratory has requested assistance from GA pilots who would be prepared to take a short online survey. The survey only takes about 5 minutes to complete.
14 November 2013
RMetS logo
The Significant Interest Group Aviation Meteorology's goals are to discuss and investigate matters pertaining to aviation meteorology, including safety, whether in flight or on the ground.
29 October 2013
CAA logo
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has welcomed a proposal from the European Commission to allow the UK to continue issuing the Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) rating for pilots until April 2019. The move follows considerable effort by the CAA and UK GA to support the retention of the rating.
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