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Flight Safety Magazine Survey

01 February 2013

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The CAA has kindly distributed GASCo Flight Safety magazine with the quarterly, collated version of the General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet (GASIL) which is sent free of charge to aircraft owners, first named owners of group owned aircraft, flying instructors, Part-M maintenance organisations and some others.  The CAA effectively subsidised the publishing costs of Flight Safety and paid the mailing costs in full.  The editorial and publishing cost are paid by GASCo.

Now that the CAA has decided to cease publication of GASIL in any form, this arrangement will come to an end with the Spring 2013 edition of Flight Safety.  GASCo will no longer have access to the GASIL mailing lists and will have to meet the whole costs of publishing and distribution which in turn may increase because fewer copies will be printed.

We are therefore conducting a survey to ascertain, whether you would like to continue (or begin) to receive a copy of the magazine by subscription and seeking views on its content together with suggestions for improvement including other methods of distribution.  We are confident that we can continue to publish Flight Safety if enough people take out a subscription. 

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