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Andy Sephton - Special Events & Seminars

Andy Sephton joined the ATC at Baginton at 13 and gained his PPL at 17, two years before passing his driving test. He joined the RAF in 1969 as a university cadet, getting his wings in 1974 and joining No 54 Squadron at Coltishall on Jaguars. He attended the French Test Pilot’s course at Istres and then served two tours as a military test pilot. Subsequently he was with Rolls Royce and then Marshalls and was until 2009 the Chief Pilot at the Shuttleworth Collection. His log book includes an extensive range of types, including most post 1970 RAF machines, the Spitfire, his own Jodel and the Extra 200. He has also found time to instruct on Cessnas and the T-67. He retired from full time work in 2010 but has recently returned to part-time test pilot duties flying the C130.  Andy has served on several CAA GA committees: he is currently a member of CHIRP’s GA Advisory Board.  His many commitments mean that he is unable to act as an RSO but remains very much part of the GASCo team as a guest speaker at safety evenings, seminars and other events.

Andy says:  I was looking for some worthwhile project to take me into my retirement and this GASCo safety initiative appeared to be challenging, interesting and, above all, useful work to carry out. I had always intended to put something back into aviation and this has proved to be an ideal medium. We have a good team and have enjoyed a good and positive reception at all the events attended so far. I believe we have provided a refreshing change to the Safety Evenings with this new initiative and I have not been disappointed in any respects with my decision to join with GASCo.
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