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Recent Engineering Occurrences

These have been selected from the CAA's latest 'Listing of Occurrences for aircraft below 5,700 kg'.  They are the Initial Reports sent by the reporter and do not contain any follow-up or actions except for those instigated by the reporter.  As the Listing does not give the aircraft registration, it means that the exact type may not be shown.

The selected monthly engineering reports can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link in the column to the left. The full list of all reports including a search facility can be viewed on the CAA website at: CAA Safety Data - General Aviation Reports

                                                              Remos Burnt Hose 

The GASCo selection is based on those airworthiness events where there is a lesson or where readers may wish to look at their own aircraft or fleet.  A simple selection criterion is used when deciding what occurrences to include along the lines of ‘if your nearest and dearest was on a first solo and this happened or was found, would you be worried?’  It is intended to build this selection into a library, classified by aircraft type for reference in the future.

                                                                  Comparison of Diameters

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