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August 2013


Partenavia P68 - Lycoming O-360 -  Liverpool  - 05/08/2013  (201310206)

During the cruise it became difficult to maintain straight and level flight, either heading could be held or wings level but not Both. On checking the RH wing, downward distortion on the wingtip was observed.  Leading edge has been removed and the structure has been cleaned in order to carry out a repair of cracked leading edge wing ribs in accordance with manufacturer data.  (GASCo Comment: It would be nice to know more about this and what action the CAA is taking).  

Yak 11 - Shvetsov - Alscot -27/07/13 (201309571)

The aircraft carrying was doing aerobatics.  Shortly before the aircraft regained the horizontal plane a severe vibration was felt throughout the airframe and stick.  Pilot considered that the fault was with the propeller which was confirmed when the vibration reduced as the engine rpm was brought back to 1,600rpm. It was now visually apparent that the tip of one of the propeller Blades was missing. Failed blade will be subject to metallurgical investigation to determine the likely cause.


Aerospatiale AS365 -Turbomeca Arriel  - Denham - 09/07/2013 (201308256)

No lights observed once landing gear selected down while downwind in circuit pattern.  This action was repeated several times but with same result.  Following emergency pump selection the undercarriage lowered and lights functioned normally. Aircraft moved to hangar for investigation.  Fault was confirmed to be at the selector switch. Unit removed and control panel replaced.  

Aerospatiale SA365 -Turbomeca Arriel - Blackpool - 19/05/2013 (201305870)

During a scheduled maintenance inspection, when trying to operate the liferaft release mechanism, the release system was seized solid and the liferaft could not be ejected.  On further inspection the cable pulley junction unit was found to have internal exfoliation corrosion on the case.  The corrosion was jamming the pulleys and not allowing release of the liferaft. The corrosion was removed and awaiting replacement unit.

Bolkow Bo105 - Allison 250 - Perth/Scone  - 30/07/2013 (201309553)

Aircraft landed on taxiway and ECL carried out.  The voltmeter indicated a failure of the Nr 1 generator, which was unable to be reset.  Repositioned back to parking area for engineers inspection, Nr 1 voltage generator replaced and ground run carried out.  The system initially worked but failed again during ground run.  Following extensive fault finding, a damaged wire was found at the Nr 1 generator inboard connection.  Wire repaired and system tested satisfactorily.  

Bolkow Bo105 - Allison 250 - Perth/Scone - 04/08/2013 (201309917)

There was a burning smell in the cockpit during landing.  The pilot landed and checked the electrical systems.  The fault was traced to the emergency DC bus switch which when operated, deselected all consumer instead of leaving essential services, this switch had operated normally pre-flight.  Engineers inspection found a wire short circuiting to the VHF Comm 2 radio chassis.  Wire repaired and aircraft returned to service.  (GASCo is unaware if this is the same helicopter as the one above).


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