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December 2013


CESSNA 406: P & W PT6 - Benbecula - 12/12/2013 (201316098)

While in cruise, PAN declared due to electrical burning smell in flight deck.  Aircraft diverted.  Checklist carried out even though no smoke or fumes apparent.  The aircraft was escorted to the apron by fire services who used thermal detection equipment to ascertain if there was a traceable heat source. Nothing registered.  Apparent source of smell was on the Captain's side.  On selection of the propeller de-ice system the electrical smell reappeared. 

DIAMOND DA40: Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Repton/Gamston - 04/12/2013 (201315741)

Approx 15mins into stable cruise on autopilot with the power set at 73%, the engine suddenly wound down to 0% power.  No warning, cautions or abnormal engine instrument readings.  Checklist procedure carried out and the electronic engine control unit (EECU) voter switch moved to different settings, when moved from 'AUTO' to 'A' the engine returned to normal but with 'ECU A FAIL' and 'ECU B FAIL' intermittently showing.  Subsequent engineering investigation has found a broken wire inside a crimp joint. Internal investigation on going. 

DIAMOND DA42: Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Bournemouth/Hurn - 11/09/2013 (201311580)

RH Engine Control Unit (ECU) 'fail' annunciation appeared during take off roll, aircraft became airborne and levelled out at 2000ft. Checklists consulted. Caution did not reset, aircraft returned for engineering investigation.  The turbo waste gate diaphragm was found to have ruptured. Diaphragm replaced.  

DIAMOND DA42: Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Bournemouth/Hurn - 30/09/2013 (201312543)

LH gearbox oil leak observed during the cruise as a stall recovery was being practiced.   Students sitting in the back noticed fluid leaking from the LH engine.  The aircraft returned.  Following investigations, pipe from oil cooler found to be leaking when engine at full operating temperature.  Manufacturer advised and part replaced under warranty. 

DIAMOND DA42: Austro E4A E300 - Teeside - 09/10/2013 (201312946)

Shortly after take-off on a training flight, following two 'touch and goes', 'L ALTN Amps' caption seen momentarily. It was then planned to simulate engine failure using RH engine.   As engine power set to zero RH alternator caption 'R ALTN FAIL' illuminated accompanied by the intercom failing.  Instruments confirmed RH alternator not producing power.  Training ceased, checklists actioned and aircraft returned.   No cause could be found for the 'L ALTN Amps' caption.  The 'R ALTN FAIL' caption was caused by the rupture of the 10amp fuse supplying the RH voltage regulator.  No cause could be found for the fuse rupture.  Intercom failure was the result of normal load shedding in the event of alternator failure. 

GROB G115: Lycoming O-360 - Benson - 11/09/2013 (201311650)

Severe nose wheel shimmy on landing which continued for a considerable time until the aircraft had slowed down.  Engineers inspection carried out and excessive play was found in the torque links.  Upper and lower bushes replaced iaw AMM.  

ZLIN Z242L: Lycoming O-360 - Not known - 19/12/2013 (201316493)

During the power check before the flight, a slight backfire pop was heard when closing the throttle.  All engine parameters were normal during the climb out but the rate of climb was noticed to be less than expected.  The remainder of the flight was uneventful.  When the aircraft was on the ground a hole was noticed in the cowling.  Initial thoughts are that, at some point, the exhaust became detached from the silencer box and hot gases damaged the cowling.


Eurocopter AS365: Turbomeca Arriel - En route - 27/09/2013 (201312965)

If the nose landing gear centering system is unserviceable, no MARM data can be collected as the computer thinks the aircraft is on the ground when the undercarriage is locked down for the faulty nose centering unit. Although the MEL can defer the leg being locked down for 10 days, the MARMs at this time has to be made unserviceable as it cannot collect data and carries a 72hr or 8 consecutive trip rectification time.  No separate MEL exists.  

Eurocopter EC135: Turbomeca Arriel - Benson - 30/11/2013 (201315636)

Inadvertent partial operation of LH door jettison while loading bags into the well area forward of a reversed LH seat.  The bag slipped out of the reporter's hand and one of the bag straps caught the door jettison handle, breaking the tell tale wire and partially retracting the pins.  Unable to reset and due to potential of door detachment in flight if pins left in current position, the aircraft was declared unserviceable.  Engineer attended and door pins reset and operating handle tell tale wire replaced. 

Eurocopter EC135: Turbomeca Arrius - Manchester/Barton - 11/12/2013 (201316084)

Fuel indication malfunction.  The aircraft had an ADD for spurious main tank fuel indications, the indication had been fluctuating by approx 30-40kg in flight and required the fuel tanks to be drained to change the sensor.  The aircraft was to be delivered to maintenance base for this rectification work at end of work period.  During a 5 min transit flight, the pilot observed forward and aft fuel pump lights were illuminated.  It was assumed that the main tank indication of 30kg was spurious due to the deferred defect and that it was in fact an empty tank.  After a couple of minutes flying, it was observed that the supply tanks continued to show full with no decrease in quantity.  Whilst preparing to land, the warning gong sounded and the nr2 CWP low fuel light illuminated, 1min later the nr1 low fuel light illuminated.  At no stage did the gauge reading change from 47/43kg and the amber low fuel lights did not illuminate at 35/35kg.  On shutdown the gauges read 47/16/43 and both red low fuel lights were illuminated.  Manufacturer contacted for assistance with investigation.  Company fleet of this aircraft type have been suspended and fleet wide check of fuel indicating systems is being carried out. 

Eurocopter EC135: P & W - En Route - 28/09/2013 (201312417)

The transmission oil pressure gauge was noticed to drop below 0.5 bar.  No indication of transmission oil pressure warning/caution light on CAD or warning panel, which should appear when indicated pressure is at 0.5 or below.  Decision made to carry out a precautionary landing.  En-route to diversion airfield, the pressure indication would occasionally rise to normal operating pressure but most of the time indicated low.  Oil temperature was normal.  Suspected MGB pressure gauge sensor problem and warning indicator problem.  

Eurocopter EC135: Turbomeca Arrius - Norwich - 18/11/2013 (201314895)

During pre-flight system checks, when nr1 engine fire extinguisher switch was selected to 'EXT/WARN', the extinguisher bottle was heard to discharge. Checks suspended and engineers advised. The inadvertent discharge of the bottle was found to be caused by a fault within the caution and advisory display unit.  Fire extinguisher bottle and cartridges replaced and caution and advisory display replaced and function tested before return to service.  

Eurocopter EC135: Turbomeca Arrius - Cannes - Mandelieu - 25/08/2013 (201312040)

Potential cockpit fire due to poor design of GPS data card reader.  Card was incorrectly inserted (back to front) and due to the design, an electrical short occurred and the plastic card began to smoulder and melt.  This is a known design problem with the card and reader and has been highlighted to the manufacturer.





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