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February 2013


BN2A Islander - Lycoming 540 - Sandown I Of W - 18 Feb 2013 (201301868)

Suspected unapproved rudder to fin hinge bolts, considered to be significant with regards to flight safety.  (GASCo Comment:  not known to us where they came from and how they can be identified).   

Cessna 172 -  Lycoming O-320  - Thruxton, Hants  - 1 Feb 2013 (2013 01019) 

During maintenance damage was found to pushrod shroud tube due to use of improper tools to remove spark plugs during previous maintenance. Severe dent in tube leading to complete fracture of tube and associated bend in pushrod.  Potential loss of oil, collapse of pushrod and loss of power. 

DHC-1 Chipmunk - Gipsy Major  - Felthorpe, Norfolk - 9 Feb 2013  (201301546) 

Aircraft diverted due to flap failure during third circuit.  On selecting second  stage flaps, the flap cable appeared to snap and the flaps retracted.  Due to the short runway, the pilot decided to make a precautionary landing on a longer runway so diverted and landed safely. 

DHC-1   Chipmunk - Gipsy Major  - Athboy, Ireland - 12 Feb 2013 (201301618)

During the second attempt to start the engine, a flame shot out from the exhaust and ignited the RH wing fabric. Engine secured, aircraft vacated and ground crew extinguished the fire. Damage to fabric on wing and TE flap. 

Diamond DA42  - Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Bournemouth  - 13 Dec 2012 (201215041)

While in the cruise RH engine shutdown due to Coolant Low Level' and 'High Fluid Temperature' warnings. PAN declared.  On inspection the right cowling showed signs of coolant fluid loss caused by a broken coolant hose. 

Grumman AA1  - Lycoming O-235 - Doncaster Sheffield - 12 Jan 2013 (201301804) 

During the initial climb something seen to fall from the aircraft and was reported to ATC. Pilot advised and flypast inspection identified that LH cowling had detached.  Runway inspected and cowling found.  Landed safely with emergency services in attendance.  

MS880 Rallye  - Continental O-200 - Full Sutton - 29 Jan 12013  (201300866)

During maintenance crack found in nose leg strut during ARC Annual Inspection.  

Magic Cyclone  -  Perth/Scone  - 21 Oct 2012 (201212850) 

Left hand wheel fell off shortly after take off.  MAYDAY declared and landed safely.  Pilot reported that the wheel with integral bearing is held on the axle with a single screw holding a small and large washer against the bearing. The screw has a conventional RH thread therefore any stiffness or side load on the bearing will result in the bearing turning the washer and screw anti clockwise allowing the wheel to depart.  Pilot is going to find a more appropriate engineering solution.


Aerospatiale AS355 - Turbomeca Arrius  -  Stapleford, Essex  - 9 Dec 2012  (201215033)

While in the cruise, multiple door warning lights occurred.  Precautionary landings were made, doors and latches on external camera system checked.  The warning light was extinguished by banging on the corner of the door where the micro switch is located. Similar occurrence on this aircraft the previous week. The warning was also considered spurious.

Eurocopter EC135 - Turomeca Arrius  - Southampton - 13 Dec 2012 (201215135)

While landing, fuel observed leaking from No 2 engine bay.  Inspection revealed fuel leak from hydro-mechanical unit HMU). HMU replaced and ground runs carried out. A/C returned to service.  

Eurocopter EC135  - Turbomeca Arrius  - Nairn  - 24 Dec 2012 (201215633)                       

Shortly after AV master and inverter switches were selected ON a smell of hot electrics and a fine blue/grey smoke was noticed from behind the instrument panel. A/C shut down and evacuated.  Engineering assistance sought.  Pilot's primary flight display was identified as the source.  Instrument removed and MEL applied.

Eurocopter EC135  - Turbomeca Arrius - Befast Aldergrove - 12 Jan 2013 (201300934)

While standing, glass cover found to be missing from upper anti-collision light and damage seen to leading edge of one of the tail rotor blades.   Possibility that damage to tail rotor caused by anti-collision light cover hitting one of the blades when it detached from A/C. Tail rotor blade replaced.  Light returned to manufacturer for investigation and report Co.  (GASCo Comment:  we do not know which manufacturer).

Eurocopter EC135 - P & W   206   - Sandwell - 30 Dec 2012 (201215557)

During cruise on release, the FTR button failed to return to its normal position leaving the cyclic stick in permanent 'floppy stick' mode.  No warnings on VEMD and no upper modes could be selected on autopilot. A/C returned to base for Engineering assistance. 

MD 900 - P & W   206/7  - Manchester Barton - 28 Dec 2012  (201215751)

Trim failure during cruise.  Cyclic could not be trimmed to the right.  Returned to base for engineering assistance.  Inspection found that the lateral trim motor had failed. Part replaced and tested. 

MD 900  - P & W 206/7 - Leeds City Centre - 9 Nov 2012 (201214951)

En-route the pilot's door opened in flight.  Door handle held securely until landing.  Crews had been briefed pre-flight for Some considerable time to take care with co -pilot's door, as it was known to be troublesome.  The latching mechanism was not engaging with a positive feel and the tops of both pins were evidently worn.  New pins had been ordered, but when "safelocked' was judged to be secure.  A/C in transit when extensive wind noise heard, speed immediately reduced and crew
members alerted to the problem.  Due to previous issues it was deemed inadvisable to attempt re-closure prior to landing so door was held closed. Investigation revealed that the door could, in fact, be pulled open from the 'safe-locked' position.  Door assembly replaced. 

Sikorsky S76  - P & W PT-6  -  Blackbushe - 29 Jan 2013  (201300839)

During scheduled maintenance found the main rotor servo control rigid rod chafing.  A bracket securing the aft main rotor Servo hydraulic pipes to the main gearbox casing had detached from the casing.  Further investigation found that the hydraulic pipes had moved sufficiently for one 'B' nut to contact the aft servo rigid control rod. This has resulted in chaffing damage to the control rod as it moved across the 'B' nut.  Damage assessed as out of repair limits and control rod will need to be replaced.  Information passed to manufacturer. 

Sikorsky S76 -  P & W   PT-6  - Blackbushe  - 11 Feb 2013 ( 201301723)

Unapproved main battery installation.  Both aircraft batteries fitted which have been installed on it for the majority of its life
found to have an unapproved modification.  The organisation is investigating the fleet of A/C with the same part number batteries fitted.

Sikorsky S76  - P & W   PT-6 - 18 Dec 2012  (201215354)

En- route found Automatically Deployed Emergency Locator Transmitter (ADELT) transmitting inadvertently.  The fault had occurred initially on power up of A/C with the flashing light in the cockpit indicating the ADELT was transmitting.  A reset was performed before departure and all transmission indications ceased.  However, on approach to the platform ATC informed that the ADELT was again transmitting. No cockpit indications reflected this. Reset once more on arrival and unit switched off for the return flight.  Engineering assistance sought, unable to reproduce the fault but suspected intermittent operation of G-switch so this part was replaced and A/C released to service.


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