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January 2013


Beech 200 Super KingAir - P & W PT6 - En Route - 12 November 2012 (201213810)

Primary flight display, PDF, and Central Multi-Function display simultaneously went blank. Both screens were ecovered by Selecting the 'Pilots Displays' rotary dimmer switch on the overhead panel to fully dim then reselecting a useable brightness. The same symptoms recurred several times during recovery with the same remedial action working on each occasion. The co-pilot's PFD remained fully functional throughout. Inspection carried out and the contacts were cleaned. The fault could not be reproduced on the ground.

BN2A Islander - Lycoming 540 - Alderney - 29 November 2012 (201214500)

The aircraft was backtracking to the stand using asymmetric power and RH brake. At approx 40 deg into turn, the RH brake pedal went to the floor and the aircraft began to turn to the left. Unable to straighten nose wheel. Prior to passenger dsembarkation and baggage removal, the nose oleo was fully compressed. When passengers and baggage off aircraft, oleo popped back up.

Cessna 150 - Continental 0-200 - Doncaster, Sheffield - 02 December 2012 (201214551)

During the approach, smoke reported in cockpit and MAYDAY declared.

Cessna 150 - Continental 0-200 - Repton/Gamston - 15 January 2013 (201300348)

While in the circuit MAYDAY declared due to smoke on cockpit. Electrics switched off and circuits isolated. Landed safely with fire service in attendance. No signs of fire. (GASCo Comment: It is not known if this was the same aircraft as the one above).

Cessna 406 - P & W PT6 - Cranfield - 14 December 2012 (201215216)

During approach when landing gear was selected down, the nose gear green light did not illuminate and 'Hyd Press' light remained illuminated. Aircraft continued to holding position and emergency checklist actioned. Light tested and worked satisfactorily. Gears recycled, this time showing three green lights, no red light and no 'Hyd Press' light. Continued to normal approach and landing. Investigation of the up-lock mechanism revealed a worn roller bearing with a seized inner bush. Replaced and tested.

Cessna 406 - P & W PT6 - Blackpool - 11 January 2013 (201300357)

On approach two green lights for the main gear but not for the nose gear. The gear ‘unlocked light’ was not illuminated. The 'Hyd Press' light remained on so the nose gear was presumed to have remained locked up. A missed approach was flown and gear raised. Gears recycled and lowered normally with three green lights observed. Emergency Checklist was reviewed with no need for further action. Normal approach and landing continued. This is the third occasion this fault has occurred. AOG awaiting further investigation where nose gear will be disassembled and examined. Reporter suggests area for examination is an internal leak within the nose gear actuator.

Cirrus SR20 - Lycoming 360 - Goodwood - 11 November 2012 (201213704)

While en-route PAN declared due to full electrical failure. Aircraft squawking 7600 was given coordination to diversion airfield after managing to make contact via hand-held radio. D & D assisted and landed safely.

Diamond DA42 - Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Bournemouth - 09 November 2012 (201213775)

During landing roll, the RH brake felt spongy. After a number of applications, the back pressure seemed to reinstate before failing completely. Aircraft brought to a stop on the taxiway using LH brake. Tech Log entry made and engineers informed. Engineers report states that upon investigation, the RH brake calliper piston 'O' ring was not seated correctly and has been replaced. Additionally, it is noted that several repairs have been carried out on this part during the past eight months. It is possible that the 'O' rings alone have failed, however, there is a possibility that the piston(s) or cylinder may have a fault that is contributing to these failures. Therefore a fleet instruction notice has been issued with instruction to pay particular attention to this area during the Check A/pre-flight inspections.

NA Harvard - P & W R1340 - Duxford - 10 January 2013 (201300224)

Extensive corrosion to centre section of lower main spar boom found during Annual Inspection. The stressed centre section lower panels and fuel tanks were removed allowing inspection of the internal structure of the centre section. Exfoliation corrosion discovered which was 80% of the way through the boom. Externally there was evidence of grinding on the boom which extended through 20% of the material. Exfoliation also discovered on the upper boom but not to the same extent of the lower.

NA Harvard - P& W R1340 - Duxford - 10 January 2013 (201300243)

Right hand aileron control cable incorrectly routed in wing centre section. Cables had been correctly routed from the cockpit over two sets of pulleys out to the wing bell crank. However, instead of being guided around the fairlead they were run over the fairlead which caused the cables to be 1in further forward than they should be. When tensioned, they rubbed against the three centre section ribs and had been progressively sawing into them. Inspection found the cables had cut into the ribs by approx 3/16inch. Cable removed and inspected for damage. Rib damage to be blended as per Repair Manual. (GASCo Comment: not known to GASCo if this and above were G reg or foreign registered).

Piper PA28 - Lycoming 0-320 - Filton, Bristol - 7 November 2012 (201213577)

Diversion due to radio and electrical failure. A/c seen squawking 7600 and call received from D&D with a frequency for the aircraft and confirmation of multiple electrical failures. Full emergency initiated at diversion airfield and the a/c landed safely with clearance given via Aldis lamp.

Piper PA31 Navajo - Lycoming 540 - East Midlands - 26 November 2012 (201214644)

During the initial climb the landing gear failed to retract, returned and landed safely. Investigation confirmed an internal failure of the C/Bs 'hold in' mechanism. There was evidence of water ingress/condensation behind the C/B panel. This was traced to water leakage from around the small DV panel in the LH flight deck window, directly above the C/B panel. Parts replaced and window seal repaired. Fleet check arranged to check the serviceability of all DV window seals.


Aerospatiale AS355 - Turbomeca Arrius - Oxford - 7 January 2013 (201300181)

Right hand engine LP pump/alternator drive shaft missing. Unknown cause, no interventions to either LP pumps/alternator since engine had been fitted 107 hrs previously.

Eurocopter EC135 - Turbomeca Arrius - Eaglescott- 26 December 2012 (201215634)

In the cruise the yellow master caption on CAD in flight. The No 2 supply tank contents display was 30kg and falling. No 1 supply tank was 47kg and main tank quantity was 280kg. FRC consulted and a/c returned. During return No 2 supply fluctuated between 28 and 35kg causing further illuminations. Sensor unit replaced.

MBB BK117 - Turbomeca Arriel - Lippitts - 22 December 2012 (201215389)

During approach low Nr warning and Nr did not automatically increase when passing through 55 kts IAS. Nr remained low and dropped below limits causing master warning to indicate 'Low Nr'. Go-around initiated. CAT A deselected, Nr remained low and warning remained illuminated. Manual mode selected and Nr 'beeped' up anually to approx 100%. Nr increased normally with manual application. At safe flight configuration, normal mode re-elected and Nr dropped back down to expected 96.5%. CAT A reselected and a speed check carried out on downwind leg. Below 55kts IAS Nr automatically increased to 103.5%. Normal approach and landing made with CAT A selected. AOG awaiting repair.

MBB BK117 - Turbomeca Arriel - Oxford - 17 January 2013 (201300425)

During scheduled 400 hr maintenance, lateral control rod corroded and pitch control rod found cracked. On removing the protective sealant from the control rod a crack was found on the lower part on the swaged trunnion eye threaded fitting. Corrosion discovered to the MR servo to bellcrank lateral control rod and it is believed that a small 'ty-rap' had worn the rod cadmium coating allowing corrosion of the underlying alloy structure. Pitch control rod and MR servo to bellcrank control rod replaced with new items.

MD 900 - P & W 207E - Private Site - 13 January 2013 (201300394)

While on ground fuel found leaking from the overhead soundproofing in the main cabin. Fuel seen to be weeping from the No1 engine frangible valve mounted on the main transmission deck. This continued to happen until the containment box was full and started to leak into the overhead upholstery until saturated, at which point the leaked fuel began to drip from the headlining.

MD 900 Explorer - P & W 207E - Wattisham- 28 January 2013 (201300786)

During inspection, rotating cone control cable (aft bracket) found to be cracked. Post modification bracket installed which causes misalignment of rotating cone directional cable. Post modification bracket tends to cause a side load onto the directional control cable support channel. Discussion with manufacturer has now concluded that the post modification bracket is not acceptable for use and that the pre-modification bracket should be used until they have carried out further investigations.


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