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June 2013


DHC 1 Chipmunk - Gipsy Major - Bicester - 12/04/2013 (201303855)

During scheduled maintenance, on removal of tail plane support struts, incorrect bolts found.  

Luscombe - Continental O-200 - Cambridgeshire - 24/06/2013 (201306607) 

During maintenance engine was returned and upon inspection the crankshaft was found to be cracked at the rear of the propeller flange which the reporter suggests is possibly due to fatigue. No reports of a propeller strike in a/c logbook. Reporter suggests the manufacturer should review and implement a life limit on the crankshafts and the maintenance organisation should be more vigilant and inspect closely at the rear of the propeller flange.  (GASCo Comment: date of manufacture or age not known to us).  

Piper PA31 - Lycoming 540 -  Northampton/Sywell - 16/06/2013 (201307107)  

The Captain closed the door before flight, checking its security both physically and twice using the 'door ajar' light out during start checks. However, as the a/c climbed, the lower portion of the passenger door opened.  One passenger was able, without leaving his seat, to reach behind him and raise the door with the strap and hold it shut while the a/c was landed.  All passengers and baggage remained securely strapped in throughout and nothing fell from the door of the a/c.  It was discovered that the bulb in the 'door ajar' light had failed.  Additionally, upon inspection, it was discovered that a weather seal had become trapped under the upper door during its closure.  This prevented the door sitting flush and generated play in the door.  In turn, this put an opening force on the lower door restricting its proper closing.  Therefore, even though the door handle was locked, the locking spigot was not engaged.  Had the bulb not failed in the 'door ajar' light this would have shown up and prevented the occurrence. The company's documentation does not include serviceability check for this bulb so a FCN has been issued to ensure that pilots check this bulb during the pre-flight checks and an update to the documentation is in progress.  The door mechanism has been thoroughly inspected, the weather seal re-seated and the locking mechanism checked for correct operation. A/c returned to service.  

Piper PA42 Cheyenne - P & W PT6 - Oxford/Kidlington - 07/06/2013 (2306614)  

During the initial climb after departure, on checking gear-up pilot realised that the gear unsafe light was on.  He recycled the gear up and down but the nose wheel remained unlocked.  After consulting the emergency checklist procedures he tried the hand gear pump without success, then the pneumatic gear extension system, which eventually gave three greens and the nose wheel appeared locked in the gear mirror. Flypast inspection carried out and the control tower confirmed gear down but
nose wheel direction offset.  A/c flew for sufficient time to burn up most of the fuel load before returning and making an uneventful landing with the emergency services present.  

Rockwell 112 - Lycoming 360 - Honington, Suffolk - 08/06/2013 (201306450)  

Cracks discovered in LH and RH elevator spars during inspection required by FAA AD 2012-02-10.  FAA AD called for inspection of elevator spars and, if no cracks found, a further inspection should be undertaken within the next 150 hours. This preliminary boroscope inspection was undertaken 17 hrs after inspected areas found to be free of cracks.  

YAK 52 - Ivchenko - Henstridge - 21/06/2013 (201307471)  

During an aerobatic flight at approx 1,300ft at 250kph a bang was heard and vibration felt through a/c. Power was reduced and engine throttled back to reduce vibration.  A/c was positioned to fly a forced return landing. On landing it was found that two propeller blades had been severely damaged with one blade almost holed. Damage was caused to the spinner due to
the exiting of the counterbalance weight.


Bell 206 - Allison 250 - Manston - 09/04/2013 (201303798) 

During 'A' check, oil was seen dripping from the oil filler cap area.  After checking the oil level and upon replacing the filler cap, it was noticed that the cap did not seat evenly all the way round.  When the cap was removed from its safety chain, one of the securing lugs was found to be missing.  A/c declared unfit for service until the lug was found.  It was located in the bottom of the oil reservoir.  A new cap was fitted and ground runs carried out before the a/c was declared fit for service. 

Bolkow 105 - Allison 250 - Bristol/Filton - 28/05/2013 (201306171) 

During the initial climb found tail rotor control movement restriction.  Excessive force required to input right yaw. A/c Returned.  The force was not constant throughout all flight phases but particularly apparent when moving the yaw pedal from left pedal forward through the neutral position to right pedal forward.  Restriction could also be felt at flight idle on the ground but not felt when tail rotor was stationary.  On-going inspection of tail rotor sliding sleeve and tail rotor head assembly being carried out.  Inspection report received and states that no defects could be found on the TRG output shaft and sliding sleeve assembly.  The tail rotor head assembly was disassembled and inspected and advice sought from component repair organisation.  They advised polishing of steel head bushings and Teflon bushing.  This was carried out and the unit reassembled.  Tests found all satisfactory and no further control restrictions so the a/c was returned to service.  

Bolkow 105 - Allison 250 - Clevedon - 06/04/2013 (201304125) 

During post flight checks a moderate amount of oil was seen on the upper LH side of a/c. The oil filler cap on the main gearbox was seen to be in the up/open position and a 40% drop in oil contents noted in the sight glass.  Filler cap closed and residual oil cleaned off. Oil contents confirmed above minimum level line. On return to base oil replenished.  On previous evening the a/c had undergone scheduled maintenance and the main gearbox oil had been changed as per procedures. The oil filler cap had been closed following maintenance task. The pilot had also positively checked the oil filler cap prior to flight on the day of the incident. At the time of the report engineering investigations are on going.  

Eurocopter EC135 - Turbomeca Arrius  - Strensham  - 22/04/2013 (201304277)  

Main battery fuse blown during post maintenance function check.  During Nr 2 engine starter/generator brush check, fan cover incorrectly replaced leading to the brush wiring coming into contact with the fan cover during starter operation. This resulted in the main battery fuse blowing.  Starter/generator and main battery fuse replaced.  

MD900 - P & W - Wakefield  - 18/06/2013 (201307208)  

A/c returned due to RH stabiliser failure. The a/c had stability augmentation system (SAS) and attitude indicator failure on a previous flight earlier in the day and as a result was on a daylight VFR flight when the RH stabiliser failed.  Engineers fitted a new actuator and attitude heading reference system. The fault cleared and a/c was declared serviceable.  

Robinson R44  - Lycoming 540  - White Walton, W.Yorks - 28/04/2013  (201304283)  

During annual maintenance check it was impossible to achieve the correct sheave alignment figures.  Further investigation found that the two forward engine mounts had been fitted incorrectly with the thicker side of the rubber bush aft.  The incorrect fitment caused the belts to grab on start. Fault had gone undetected for 480.7hrs. Several scheduled servicings had been carried out by previous maintenance organisations.  Previous maintenance organisations informed to carry out their own internal investigations.









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