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March 2013


Beech 200 - P & W PT6  - Cranwell - 8 Jan 2013  (201300195) 

During post-flight service RH wing upper rear attachment bolt access panel missing.  Manufacturer has issued two recent communiqués on the subject as it is a known problem that the cover has a tendency to detach and have developed a kit to provide a better securing mechanism.  Missing panel has been replaced and kit has been ordered.  Fleet check carried out. 

Cessna 150 - Continental O-200  - Abeam Wattisham - 18 Feb 2013 (201301693)

While en-rout the alternator failed leading to complete electrical system failure.  MAYDAY declared and made flapless landing.  Investigation revealed maintenance inconsistencies requiring further review.  

Grumman AA5 - Lycoming O-360  - Bembridge  - 2 March 2013 (201302644) 

During pre take-off engine checks the carburettor heat appeared to be functioning normally, however with a slightly smaller drop in RPM than usual. Once airborne the a/c had a reduced climb rate and the engine was felt to be running rough.  Once at approx 500ft the pilot operated the carburettor heat but no RPM drop was observed.  At this point the pilot elected to return.  Inspection revealed that the carburettor heat's operating arm had sheared off and left the heater partially on. Manufacturer is aware of the fault and is sending a replacement improved shaft. 

Piper PA31 Navajo -  Lycoming O-540  - Belfast – Aldergrove - 17 Jan 2013 (201300413) 

VOR failure during approach after a/c vectored for VOR approach and became established.  Both NAV1 and NAV2 were set and identified.  VLOC was enabled on the GPS.  Radio call confirmed established on VOR, NAV2 did not agree with NAV1 or the GPS indication to start with so pilot just flew NAV1.  At some point NAV1 instructed to fly left, pilot corrected slightly but soon it showed full deflection to the left.  GPS confirmed that a/c flying off track towards the left but at that point pilot was complying with instruments.  ATC contacted pilot to advise he was diverging left from the correct track and a go-around was initiated. Pilot was offered an SRA approach but misunderstood this as an RNAV approach.  ATC controller corrected pilot. On second attempt at VOR approach it was evident that both NAV1 and NAV2 were unreliable again as a/c left from correct track so pilot was offered a 'No Compass, No Gyro' approach.  Pilot talked down by ATC until visual at approx 900ft and landed.  Function test carried out, NAV1 HSI to be sent for calibration, NAV2 not responding as per test. Intermittent P1 connector to be replaced. AOG awaiting repair.

Piper PA 31 Navajo  - Lycoming O-540 - Lydd - 7 March 2013 (201302438) 

During the final approach several attempts were made recycling the landing gear and using the emergency gear lowering procedure but red gear unsafe lights remained on each time. Pilot reported to tower and requested an engineer in the tower for flypast inspection.  Local standby was initiated and several flypasts were carried out. The gear appeared to be down but the undercarriage doors remained open, indicating incomplete lowering cycle. Eventually the best indication was RH main gear and nose gear lights green and red gear unsafe light. The a/c was landed with weight kept off LH gear for as long as possible and was brought to a stop on the runway. RFFS and engineer attended and the LH gear was confirmed to be NOT locked and was made safe before taxi. Corroded bolts were found to be the source of the problem. Reporter states that an amendment to the AMP will be made to increase the replacement of these bolts.  (GASCo Comment: looks like a good piece of flying). 


Aerospatiale AS355` - Allison 250 - Hawarden - 11 March 2013 (201302549)

During initial climb out a restriction was felt through the tail rotor pedals with limited authority to the LH pedal.   Helicopter returned and engineering assistance sought.    

Agusta 109 - P & W P200  - Castellon, Spain - 3 May 2012 (201216039) 

Abnormal vibration increase felt while en-route.  Preliminary inspection found that one main rotor blade tip-cap had detached in flight.  Probable cause thought to be incorrect replacement during maintenance.  

Eurocopter EC135  - Turbomeca Arrius - St Mawgan - 25 March 2013 (201303176) 

During pre-flight inspection of No 1 engine bay a large quantity of oil had been ejected with force as it was found splattered around the firewalls.  Flight cancelled and engineers called.  The leak was found to be from the interface between the engine casing and the rear scavenge pipeline connection.  After liaison between manufacturer and CAA FOI a single ferry flight was granted back to base for engine change.  Engine replaced. 

Eurocopter EC135 - Turbomeca Arrius - Glasgow City Heliport  - 14 March 2013  (201302770)

During routine inspection of the long tail rotor drive shaft attachment flange installation hardware, cracks were found in some of the cup washers. This is not unknown or unusual and the nuts, bolts and washers were removed for replacement. It was at this point that the damage was found to the surface of the drive shaft, adjacent to the attachment bolt holes.  Tail rotor drive shaft rejected and replaced with a serviceable item. Advice from a/c manufacturer sought. 

Eurocopter EC135  - Turbomeca Arrius -  Gloucestershire - 21 March 2013  (201302989) 

Damaged tail rotor control pressure supply pipe.  During cleaning of the main transmission decking mounted hydraulic pipes, some fretting damage was found to the hydraulic supply pressure pipe adjacent to the location of the rotor brake disc. Depth of damage was approx 30% of the pipe wall thickness. Pipe replaced.





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