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Engineering Occurrences - October 2013


Beech 200 - P & W PT6 - Farnborough - 30/09/2013 (201312459)

Screw jack thread was found partially detached and protruding into the housing during scheduled inspection. Nose gear Actuator to be replaced. 

Cessna 172 - Lycoming O-320 - Leeds Bradford - 06/08/2013 (201309889)

Total electrical failure during climb out.  Battery recycled and all fuses checked.  Flaps stopped at 8 deg down. Routed back and contacted tower by mobile phone.  Approach monitored on radar and clearance to land given by telephone and Aldis lamp.  Engineering investigation found a broken battery cable at the terminal. 

Cessna 182 - Lycoming O-540 - Oxford - 10/10/2013 (201312987)

During routine maintenance the main feed fuel pipe from tank to engine was found to be severely chafed.  Fleet check carried out and one other fuel pipe was found to be chafing in a similar area.  Both pipes have been removed pending replacement. Manufacturer has been informed.  

Cessna 208 -  P & W PT6 - Cranfield - 04/10/2013 (201312943)

A large crack was discovered in the secondary exhaust duct which had only 475 hrs since new.  Suspect poor welding during manufacture could have led to early failure. Part returned to manufacturer for investigation.  

Diamond DA42 - Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Bournemouth/Hurn -  10/07/2013 (201308465)

During the initial climb there was 'RH engine control unit (ECU) A and B failure' annunciation.  Aircraft returned and landed safely.  Engineering inspection found that the fuel pipe connecting to the engine manifold had a small split close to the join. Recommended Service Bulletin (RSB42-097) has been issued to prevent further instances of this event.  

Diamond DA42 - Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Bournemouth/Hurn - 12/07/2013 (201308485)
Aircraft returned due to LH Engine Control Unit A and B failure annunciation.  Engineering found that the fuel pipe connecting to the engine manifold had a split midway along its length.  Pipes known to be prone to failing at the join to manifold.  Service Bulletin (RSB42-097) not applicable as pipe split in centre of its length.  

Grob 115 - Lycoming O-360 - Cranwell - 20/06/2013 (201313150)

RPM ran down and propeller stopped during a stall turn.  During vertical roll, the RPM decayed rapidly and during the push over, the propeller stopped.  This occurred on each of three test flights and is the subject of an on-going company investigation. Investigation under 201305032 (different aircraft).  (GASCo Note: there are 6  reports of a similar nature about the Grob 115 from Yeovilton, Barkstone Heath and Cranwell, for the sake of brevity only this example has been included).  

Ikarus C42B - Rotax 912 - East Fortune Airfield - 05/10/2013 (201313012)

UK Reportable Accident: RH wing detached during take-off.  Two POB, no injuries reported.  Aircraft  substantially damaged. Subject to AAIB AARF investigation.  

Pegasus Quik - Rotax - Firth of Forth - 14/09/2013 (201312718)

Forced landing due to engine stoppage.  Fuel gauge was reading over a quarter tank remaining.  Pilot was unable to restart the engine so made a forced landing on a nearby golf course driving range. On inspection the fuel tank was empty.  Fuel gauge was still reading a quarter full.  

Piper PA17 Vagabond - Continental C90 - Oaklands Strip, Oxon - 20/09/2013 (201312896)

Serious corrosion found to fuselage frame (tail frame bracing wire attachment bracket).  Whilst the aircraft was stripped down during maintenance, the rear of the fuselage was inspected IAW the LAA AWA 13 01 inspections schedule and FAA SAIB CE-13-14. X-ray inspections were carried out of the rear fuselage.  A small crack was found at the base of the stern post and repaired.  The level of corrosion evident in the x-rays of the rear fuselage was described as 'light and scattered' with no remedial work required.  However it was decided to replace the bracket anyway while the aircraft was stripped down.  When the bracket was removed it was found to have severe corrosion which had not been detected by the tests.  

Piper PA28 - Continental IO-346 - Hawarden - 23/10/2013 (201313608)

Scheduled maintenance revealed severe corrosion on aileron outboard mass balance rib.  The LH aileron had been damaged in a ground equipment incident. The aileron was removed and the outboard skin de-riveted for damage inspection. The internal skin, the outboard rib and the mass balance were all found to be heavily corroded with little remaining structural integrity on the rib where the mass balance is riveted.  Multiple areas of external corrosion on this aircraft had been treated 14 days before this discovery, but the flying controls had shown no obvious signs of corrosion on the external visible area. No evidence of jointing compound, primer or anti-corrosion treatment at manufacture could be found on these parts.  

Piper PA38 - Lycoming O-235 - Hawarden - 24/07/2013 (201309218)

On application of handbrake to enable power checks prior to departure the student found the handle gave little resistance when it was pulled to full extent.  It was found there was no authority over the RH main wheel brake. Aircraft inspected and RH brake cylinder back plate was missing and both retaining bolts had sheared.  Back plate recovered from taxiway.  Brake units had been refitted 170 hrs previously.  Pad wear found to be uneven. Brake unit is able to move significantly on the torque plate.  No wear limits given on the anchor bolts or torque plate holes.  New anchor bolts and torque plate dimensions will be included in company data before they reach the size of the worn parts.  (GASCo Note: see also similar item on a PA28 in List dated Sept 2013)   

Zenair CH701 - Jabiru 2200 - En-route cruise - 08/09/2013 (201311671)

Serious Incident: Pilot's door opened and detached in flight, causing damage to tail plane and door. Two POB, no injuries reported. Subject to AAIB AARF investigation. 


Eurocopter EC135 - P & W - Rhuddlan - 24/10/2013 (201313671)

During visual inspection a large crack was detected in the lower hub shaft flange of main rotor hub, MRH.   Aircraft declared unserviceable and engineering assistance sought.

Eurocopter EC135 - Turbomeca Arrius - Oxford - 23/10/2013 (201313610)

In flight a fuel smell was evident in the aircraft and although the fuel burn rate, and other indications, remained normal, the aircraft was returned to base for an inspection.  Fuel was seen to be dripping from the common drain on the RH side and had entered the door seals.  Engineering assistance sought.  The top pipe of Nr 2 engine HMU which connects adjusted pump/metering valve to the adjusted air purge was found to be leaking. Pipe and seals replaced.  Ground run and leak check carried out and no further leaks identified. 

Rotorsport MT03 Gyroplane - Rotax 914 - Thruxton - 29/06/2013 (201309543)

During pre-departure engine run-up, on reaching 3,000rpm, the engine either rolled back or cut out completely Investigation found the red wire to the ignition unit chafing against the fuel feed pipe to the LH carburettor.  It had worn though the insulation and was shorting out on the fuel pipe, causing the failure of both igniters.





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