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August 2014


Britten Norman BN2T:  Allison 250 - Belfast Aldergrove - 05/06/2014 (201407247)

During Annual inspection aileron control system found to be stiff when system moved from any position on aircraft. Inspections carried out to locate the cause of the stiff control system, only area of concern was the universal joint at the end of the control wheel.  Control wheel removed and inspected unable to move the joint through 1 axis. During further inspection hole in control wheel assembly noticed as being elongated (drilled). Spot drill mark on joint depth .045" width .150" cuts into edge of bolt hole.   Both items are placed on order for replacement. 

Diamond DA42: Thielert Centurion 1.7 - Adana/Sakirpasa Turkey - 05/08/2014 (201410691)

In the climb to FL140 after departure during a positioning flight, passing 2,600 ft AMSL on a runway heading 230, the door warning light showed on the PFD with associated audible warning.  The aircraft had a variable vertical speed to maintain airspeed in hot and thermal weather but 500-800 ft/min was selected on the autopilot.  When the alert occurred, the second crew member who was occupying the right hand seat checked the nose baggage door visually, then the rear door departed the aircraft.  The second crew member reached for the baggage to prevent it from blowing out of the aircraft.  The Captain declared an emergency and the aircraft returned visually to the runway of departure.  During the left turn towards the runway the Captain could see the door falling to the ground and he noted that it landed in an unoccupied flat area.  A normal landing was performed on runway 05.

Supplementary 06/08/14: Captain informed AAIB after landing.  Internal safety report filed by Captain and investigation opened.  Operator has undertaken a full fleet inspection of the rear doors and hinges, to be completed by 23:59 08/06/14. Investigation ongoing 

EXTRA 300: Lycoming 540 - Northampton/Sywell - 04/08/2014 (201410584)

The owner/operator reported that the canopy unlocking was becoming difficult due to increased friction.  After inspection, it was found that the forward of three canopy locking lugs had cracked and almost sheared.  The canopy locking is a 'Shoot Bolt' mechanism into three lugs to secure the canopy.  The lug plate is attached to the aircraft structure via two bolts onto anchor nuts riveted to the lug.  The crack appears to have emanated from the anchor nut rivet attachment holes.  We have subsequently inspected the canopy locking on four of these company aircraft.  The forward locking lug on one other aircraft was also found to be cracked with the other three aircraft OK. 



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