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April 2015


Beech 200: P & W PT6: en-route - 11/04/2015 (201504734)

During the cruise portion of the flight at FL270 the autopilot disconnected several times, so the aircraft was flown by hand with the yaw damper engaged.  Following several irregular inputs from the yaw damper, intermittent P1 artificial horizon Attention flag and master altimeter spurious readings, a precautionary re-route was elected in the belief that the Auto pilot was causing sporadic reduced functionality of the inverter. All irregular readings and reduced function of associated systems disappeared by the time of arrival.  Thorough checks were carried out on the ground of both inverters and the autopilot systems, with no faults found.  Following discussion with the Chief Pilot and Engineering, they departed and no further irregularities in any of the aircraft systems were experienced during the subsequent flights.  

Beech 90: P & W PT6: Hawarden - 08/04/2015 (201504405)

During Scheduled Phase 3 Inspection, bracketry for the flight control system was found to have been  incorrectly installed with incomplete rivet formation, gapping between bracket and floor skin and fretting between bracket and floor skin.  It is believed the condition has been present since manufacture. The area has been subject to three previous Phase 3 inspections, most recently in July 2014 during which the condition was not found, even though the installation is in a location under the floor close to access panels through which inspection would be relatively easy.  

Cessna 150: Continental O-200: Ashcroft - 07/04/2015 (201504655)

Pilot heard a 'popping' sound come from the aircraft, immediately followed by a strong electrical burning odour and smoke filtering through the radio and transponder.  He descend and divert immediately to a farm as this was the nearest suitable airfield to land.  He made blind calls to Radar (118.575) stating his intentions, carried out one circuit and go around of runway 09 then landed safely and stopped at the end of the runway.  He shut down the aircraft and vacated with the fire extinguisher.  (GASCo Comment: It would be nice to hear the reason for this event).    

Cessna F406: P & W PT6: Kirkwall - 03/04/2015 (201504138)

Aircraft was lined up and had been passed departure clearance, when the Pilot reported "We have smoke in the cockpit, we can see where it is coming from - No Emergency" and requested taxi back to stand where engines shut down and AFS informed.  When lining up smoke was emitting from between the top of the coaming and windshield of the Captain's side. The windshield anti-ice was suspected but could not be confirmed. The memory items for cabin fire or smoke were completed and the emergency checklist was carried out, the smoke decreased.  No signs of fire were evident.  An engineering inspection was carried out the following day which determined that the LH windshield heating element had an open circuit. Damage was found at the temperature sensor suppressor.  No other damage was found. 


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