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July 2014


BN2T:  Allison 250 - Bournemouth/Hurn - 29/04/2014 (201405398)

After landing, during taxi, steering locked in RH turn.  A/c brought to halt, ATC notified and engines shutdown. Engineers summoned and aircraft removed after a period of approx 20 mins blocking the November taxiway.  

BN2T: Allison 250 - Belfast Aldergrove - 26/03/2014 (201406551)

During pre-flight exercising of trim controls the elevator trim jammed.  Engineering advice sought.  Elevator trim screw jack chain found trapped in tail cone.  Chain re-assembled and re-tensioned IAW Manufacturer response TQRCIV 0058. Tension of chain allowed links to foul the lightening hole through which it passes. Split link pulled loose due to fouling.  Chain no longer fouled the airframe after adjustment.  

Cessna 182: Lycoming 540 - Oxford/Kidlington - 10/07/2014 (201409246)

During a routine Option 4 scheduled maintenance event, the nose landing gear lower attachment fitting was found to be cracked on the lower right and left attachment lug.  Further investigation to be carried out.   As a preventative measures current fleet grounded for initial inspection of the affected parts, manufacturer informed. Internal repetitive inspection to be carried out at 25 hours, as an out of phase item, until further guidance and information is received from the manufacturer.  


Robinson R44: Lycoming 540 - Newcastle - 28/06/2014 (201409394)

Excessive play in rotating scissor link.  During a Check A prior to flight we discovered an excessive movement in the rotating sister plate. Two pilots inspected and informed the Quality Manager and Accountable Manager. The Accountable Manager at that point grounded the aircraft and called the 145 Maintenance Organisation.  Videos were sent to the maintenance company for evaluation.  However, it was decided before this that this was a potential parts failure and decided not to continue with any flight operations using this helicopter.  An engineer arrived later in the evening to assess the helicopter. He discovered that the rotating scissor link had excessive play and that the bolt holding the part had been worn partly through the protective hardening outer case of the bolt.  The engineer was not carrying a replacement part and the new parts were ordered and replaced a few days later.


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