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Weather Forecast for April


Outbreaks of rain in the west could be heavy at times in the northwest.  Dry and bright start over eastern areas, with patchy rain reaching here through the day.

UK Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Windier on Sunday, rain spreading north-eastwards. Clearer, more showery conditions following before more rain on Monday, mainly in the south and east. Some showers, but many parts dry on Tuesday.

Issued at: 0400 on Fri 4 Apr 2014

UK Outlook for Tuesday 8 Apr 2014 to Thursday 17 Apr 2014:

Rain which is likely to be heavy at times, will affect eastern areas to begin with on Tuesday. However, clearer, but colder,
showery and quite windy conditions will then follow from the west during the day, reaching all areas later. These colder and showery conditions are then expected to persist for two or three days, with winds easing in the south. Showers, mainly in the north, are likely to be heavy at times and also wintry over hills. Temperatures by both day and night colder than of late, with frost and icy patches likely overnight. From next weekend conditions are likely to remain mainly dry in the south and east, while the northwest will become more unsettled with the highest risk of occasional rain.

UK Outlook for Friday 18 Apr 2014 to Friday 2 May 2014:

Signals for this period are currently more uncertain than usual with no strong signals concerning most likely weather types. As such a mixture of some fine periods interspersed with occasional showery or dull, damp spells is thought likely. By day, temperatures are likely to often be near or above average, so conditions are likely to feel quite pleasant in sunshine. Northwestern parts may, however, be a little colder than average at times. Nights, meanwhile, may be chilly with a touch of ground frost at times.

Issued at: 0400 on Fri 4 Apr 2014

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