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8.33 kHz by 1 Jan 18

A shortage of aviation radio frequencies across Europe means that most existing frequencies are being split to reduce the gap between them, allowing the introduction of more frequencies. As a result owners of general aviation aircraft will need to ensure that any radios fitted can transmit and receive on both 8.33kHz and 25kHz by 1 January 2018. To ease the transition the CAA is working on a number of initiatives to:                     

·        Allow UK registered balloons and gliders to use certain handheld 8.33 kHz transceivers.

·        Apply for European Union funding to assist with the cost of radio equipage.

·        Apply for an exemption from the European Commission to retain a small number of dedicated 25 kHz frequencies for a limited period of time after the conversion deadline of 31 December 2017.

·        Removing the need for aircraft owners to pay a regulatory fee to change a panel mounted radio by seeking to have radio manufacturers arrange a minor modification approval.


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