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Latest CHIRP Now Out

The latest issue of CHIRP GA FEEDBACK is available now.

It deals with the true meaning of ‘squawking with Mode C selected’. Given that most transponders do not have a ‘Mode C’ button, this instruction will be rather obscure to tyros. ‘Select Altitude or Alt’ will be much more useful.  

There is comment on the new NOTAM posting rules (see below), a tale of a pilot who ended up locked inside a PA28, an account of running out of fuel and having to land in a field (‘full marks for ending up undamaged and uninjured’ is what I say), worries expressed by a correspondent about the standard of engineering at a particular organisation, and a discussion on the best way to join from the North West for Rwy 20 at North Weald, where the Stansted TMA base is at Height 1179 ft overhead and their CTR is close by from SFC up to 3500 ft. Have a look at the chart, think about what you would do and then see what CHIRP recommends.


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