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Latest AAIB Bulletin

Sadly, the January 2017 bulletin reports two fatal accidents leading to two confirmed deaths and a third person, a passenger, still missing in the Irish Sea. Both accidents occurred at sea.  

A 44 year old PPL with 98 hours, 48 on type and 1 in the past 28 days, was on a local flight from Lydd over the sea. He reported a rough running engine with high oil temperature and flew back over the sea towards his base. He reported that he was unable to maintain altitude but, despite being within glide range of land, the aircraft continued on a direct track over the sea, towards the airfield VRP. The aircraft ditched with a strong tailwind and subsequently became inverted and sank. The pilot and aircraft were recovered from the seabed several days later. Having examined the engine the AAIB found no mechanical defect but points out that the aircraft was operating when carburettor icing could occur at any power setting. 

The 68 year old pilot of an Ikarus C42 three axis enclosed microlight and his passenger departed City of Derry Airport, N. Ireland, for Kirkbride Aerodrome, Cumbria. They were last seen some 32 nm north of Belfast. The aircraft’s tail section was spotted next day floating in the sea.  Due to the limited amount of material recovered and the lack of substantive evidence the AAIB was unable to determine the cause of the loss of this aircraft. 

GASCo offers its sincere condolences to the families and friends of those who died.         

19 other accidents are the subject of reports. 8 were landing accidents, 5 were take off accidents and there were one each of a taxying accident, a helicopter unable to sustain a hover and an anti erosion strip breaking loose from a propeller. Three were forced landings. One where the pilot kept the  aircraft flying all the way down to the ground and all four occupants walked away. Another where the pilot clipped the near hedge and he was uninjured and the third where the pilot turned at low level and low speed to avoid some trees and stalled. In this case the pilot was seriously injured but his passenger was uninjured.

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