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Uncertified Equipment in Certified Aircraft

In the USA there is a movement to allow some uncertified equipment to be fitted in certified aircraft. To quote from AvWeb,

 “Owners of certified aircraft could soon have affordable access to a wide range of cutting-edge technology now reserved for the amateur built market thanks to an emerging joint effort by EAA and the FAA. FAA officials from Washington, Oklahoma City and Chicago went to Oshkosh last week to discuss ways to expand on the success of a groundbreaking move that granted a supplemental type certificate to EAA that allows those who purchase rights to the STC to install a non-certified Dynon primary flight display in their certified aircraft.”

It seems probable that further STCs will follow. Possibly EASA will follow this ‘risk based approach’ in due course and we shall see an end to GPS and other sophisticated but uncertified equipment being attached to certified aircraft by Velcro or elastic bands, so as define them as ‘portable’ and therefore legal if sometimes precarious.

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