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AAIB Reports in 2016

Gathering together my breakdowns of all the AAIB reports for 2016 I arrive at the following figures for the year as a whole: bear in mind that this deals with reports issued during the year and not accidents that happened during that year. Furthermore these figures are prepared by your editor - an amateur as a statistician and working on his own - and are unchecked.  

Out of 177 reports there were 86 landing accidents (including go arounds from aborted landings), 29 forced landings, 27 take off accidents, 12 taxying accidents and 23 ‘other’. My conclusion from all this is that I shall do well to remind myself whenever about to embark on these particular stages of a sortie that taxying, taking off and landing are by far the most risky parts of the day’s outing. If I am really organised I shall then review the particular risks associated with each of these stages of flight on that day and consider how best to address them.  

The year’s reports included 13 fatal accidents and these led to the deaths of 20 people, so 7 innocent passengers were amongst those who died. GASCo offers its sincere condolences to the families and friends of all who suffered these sad and untimely deaths.  

Loss of Control in flight was a factor in 10 of the 13 fatal accidents. I am making a New Year’s resolution to concentrate on flying the plane whatever surprise, distraction or apparently more important priority crops up.

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