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The deadline for installation of ADS-B in private aircraft in Australia has been extended to 2020, which will match the deadline in the USA. ADS-B is a system where an aircraft sends out a continuous transmission of its current satellite navigation derived position. This can be monitored by air traffic controllers on the ground and by equipment on other aircraft. It offers an alternative to ground based radar installations and airborne transponders and is particularly suitable for thinly populated areas. Whether it will eventually replace the radar and transponder based equipment found in more populous parts of the world remains to be seen but it is the most likely basis of the low cost low power electronic conspicuity system for GA that is currently so earnestly sought. Transponder based Traffic Awareness Systems have been mandated in most commercial aircraft for long enough now to demonstrate their effectiveness in avoiding serious airproxes and mid-air collisions and the search for something equivalent for all private aircraft continues urgently. FLARM has proved effective within the gliding community but the Holy Grail has to be a system common to all forms of aviation.

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