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The Competency Based IR

For those private pilots wishing to progress in stages to a full Instrument Rating, CAA Information Notice IN-2016/102 deals with the introduction of the Part-FCL Competency Based Instrument Rating in the United Kingdom. Hitherto the only route to an IR was to go down a very similar route to the would be airline pilot. That route is still available but demands long periods of study and flying instruction. These in turn require a great deal of money - say £10 to £25,000 - and several weeks attendance at an advanced flying school. An alternative route, which sees the culmination of the ambitions of PPL/IR Europe among others, is to progress in stages via the IR (Restricted) as the first step. Although this will take longer it will probably suit many private pilots better. EASA and the CAA now recognise that more GA IR qualified pilots should lead to greater safety.

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