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Tip of the Month

As we mostly drive cars a good deal more than we fly aircraft it’s very easy to believe subliminally that turning off the ignition key turns off all the electrics at the same time on both types of machine. Unfortunately most aircraft, for good reasons, have a master switch entirely separate from the magneto and starter key and this leads most of us from time to time inadvertently to leave the aircraft with its key safely in our bag or pocket but with the master switch(es) still on. This often leads to a flat battery when the time comes to start her up next time, which is a dispiriting experience to say the least. 

To avoid this stupid mistake many pilots make a practice of leaving the anti collision light (not the strobes) switch ON all the time. In that way if the master switch has thoughtlessly been left ON the anti collision light will continue to flash and there is a good chance of you or someone else noticing this. 

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