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Access to Occurrence Reports

Occurrence Reports, which are voluntary for GA operators but mandatory for commercial operators and know as MORs, used to be in the public domain and available via the internet to anyone.

About a year ago EASA, concerned that Occurrence Reports could be used in disputes about liability, required these reports to be withdrawn from public access.  This has led to complaints that a valuable safety resource is no longer available to the flying community.  However, the reports are still available on a restricted basis and an authoritative statement from the CAA runs:

Anyone from industry, (which includes the GA community), can be granted access to the MOR listings by submitting the SRG1604 form to SDD (The Safety Data Team).  Involvement in these sectors is justification enough.  Turnaround has been a little slow but i don't believe anyone from industry has been refused access.

This process is not a block to the community but a necessary hurdle to protect the reporting community.

So, if you would like access to MORs, contact the CAA as specified.

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