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Exemption from SERA - VMC Visibility and Distance from Cloud minima with Class D

Official Record Series 4 confirms the UK exemption from the European rules as regards Class D airspace.  The UK 'exempts any aircraft being flown within the UK at or below 3,000 feet above mean sea level and within Class D airspace from the requirements of SERA.5001 (VMC visibility and distance from cloud minima)'.

The exemption is conditional on the aircraft being flown:
'a) by day only
b) at a speed which, according to its airspeed indicator, is 140 knots or less, to give adequate opportunity to observe other traffic and any obstacles in time to avoid a collision; and, 
c) clear of cloud, with the surface in sight and,
i) if the aircraft is not a helicopter, in a flight visibility of at least 5 km; or
ii) if the aircraft is a helicopter, in a flight visibility of at least 1,500 m.'

However, Channel Isles airspace is likely not to be subject to the UK exemptions and they will stick to SERA in its unaltered form.  SVFR will be allowed in the Channel Isles as that is allowable under SERA.  So when the cloud ceiling drops below 1500 ft, SVFR will be an option, with a minimum visibility of 1500 m and/or cloud ceiling of 600 ft.

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