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Airprox of the Month

Airprox Report No 2016125 deals with an encounter at Husbands Bosworth gliding field between an ASK 21 glider on a winch launch and a passing C152 aeroplane on a navigation instruction flight. The glider pilot reported that he was on a winch launch at about 1000 ft, at high speed and nose high when he saw the other aircraft to the right of his instrument panel. He immediately released the launch cable and dived to increase separation.  

The instructor aboard the C152 reported that he had pointed out to his student that they were in an areas of intense gliding activity but that if they kept a good lookout and were prepared to take appropriate avoiding action there should be no risk of collision. He did not see the glider.  

The British Gliding Association commented that it was disappointing to find an instructor who had seemingly not understood the frequent messages regarding the hazards of overflying winch launch sites. Given the rate of climb of a winch-launching glider approaching at a steep angle from underneath, it was highly unlikely that the C152 would have been able to take effective avoiding action, even if the pilot had seen the glider. They commended the glider pilot for his effective lookout and prompt action in a high workload phase of flight.

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