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Europe Air Sports Newsletter

The August newsletter deals with an update on ‘Part M Light’. This is an EASA proposal for aircraft maintenance programmes (AMPs), airworthiness reviews and deferment of defects. It applies to certain types of aircraft provided they are:

    not listed in the air operator certificate (AOC) of an air carrier licensed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008; and

    not classified as complex motor-powered aircraft.

   The aircraft covered are:

    aeroplanes of 2,730 kg maximum take-off mass (MTOM) or less;

    rotorcraft of 1,200 kg MTOM or less, certified for a maximum of up to 4 occupants; and

    other ELA2 aircraft.


This means that all sailplanes and balloons are covered by this Part-ML.


In an update on unmanned aircraft the newsletter reports that EAS has been putting forward the case for the 75,000 established operators of small unmanned aircraft within aeromodelling whose concerns seem liable to go unnoticed while EASA hurriedly conceives regulations aimed at drones.

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