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Latest AAIB Bulletin

The September 2016 bulletin contains the report of one fatality. The 68 year old pilot of a PA-34 Seneca light twin lost control at Newquay Airport. He had 1300 hours including over 16 on type and these on type hours had been acquired in the previous 28 days under instruction. His instructor recommended that the pilot should continue with a safety pilot for a number of hours until he had become more familiar with the aircraft but the pilot elected to fly the accident flight solo. That flight terminated at Newquay where the aircraft bounced on landing and a go-around was initiated. At some stage during the touchdown, the right engine propeller blades contacted the runway. After lifting off, the aircraft started a low level climbing turn to the right, which continued towards a downwind heading.The aircraft was then seen to yaw to the right and enter a steep descent, before impacting the ground.


GASCo offers its sincere condolences to the family and friends of the pilot.


The remaining 11 accidents reported comprise nine aeroplane landing accidents, two of them involving gear failure, one aeroplane take off accident and one helicopter landing accident.

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