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Weather Forecast for October 2016

UK Outlook for Monday 3 Oct 2016 to Wednesday 12 Oct 2016:

A dry and bright start to the week in the east and south, however windy and cloudy across northern and western parts with outbreaks of rain, perhaps turning heavy and persistent. This rain is likely to make slow, erratic progress eastwards during Tuesday. Through the remainder of the period, a continuation of the changeable conditions are likely with stronger winds and showers or longer spells of rain, interspersed with drier, brighter periods. The heaviest and most persistent rain along with the stronger winds, gales at times, are likely to occur in the west and northwest, whereas eastern and southeastern parts should see more prolonged drier and brighter spells, though even here some rain is possible at times. Temperatures generally above normal and warm at times in the east and southeast.

Updated at: 1240 on Wed 28 Sep 2016
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