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Spring 2017 Issue


The latest edition of Flight Safety - now only available by subscription.

Articles on: 

TWO EFATOs - One ended well: one did not.

JUST CULTURE - What do paraglider pilots think of this?

LISTENING SQUAWKS - What, why and when.


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GASCo Flight Safety Magazine is published by the Council to increase the awareness of safety issues among the general aviation community. Although aimed mainly at pilots of any kind of "flying machine" it contains information relevant to all those who participate in general aviation whether as pilots, maintainers, designers, builders, providers of airport services and Air Traffic Control services. The magazine provides an independent view of General Aviation flight safety and is internationally respected for its informative articles, presentation of facts and the friendly style in which these are presented.

An annual subscription to GASCo Flight Safety costs only £16 for UK addresses), a relatively small amount considering the potential benefits that might accrue and the support given to the charity.  Subscribers will also have access to a digital version free of charge. 

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