About GASCo

GASCo was founded in 1964 to provide a forum in which all of the General Aviation organisations could meet to share safety information.

There were only a few members in those days but today almost every organisation that represents those who supply, maintain, control, support, regulate and, most importantly, fly each and every kind of flying machine is a member of GASCo. They meet to share experiences and ideas for the improvement of flight safety. GASCo is a Charity funded by its member organisations, pilots, aviation authorities and other generous contributors.

In addition to the Council Meetings for the member organisations, GASCo sends its magazine GASCo Flight Safety free to all UK aircraft owners and flying instructors (and to others for a small subscription) and organises seminars and flight safety events.

The General Aviation Safety Council
Rochester Airport

Tel and Fax: 01634 200203
Email: info@gen-av-safety.demon.co.uk