Many reports had been received where pilots do not have a conspicuity device turned on.  It was irresponsible not to do so and the message to get out across the community.  Flying instructors and examiners could help with this.

There were reports of piles of long, freshly cut grass at farm strips and aircraft with spats had problems when flying into them.

There were instances of storm damage to hangars and aircraft.  These should be secured when a storm is forecast.  The frequency of storms occurring may increase in the future.

Confidential reports revealed five key issues:

Procedures not being followed

Handling and operation of aircraft on ground and in the air

- Individual errors (incorporating incautious behaviour)

- Situational awareness in the air and on the ground

- Defences (insufficiently ready/preparedness, i.e.  pilots and others not thinking about what they are doing or not looking at risks).