Regional Safety Officer North Midlands

Caro Gough-Cooper

Caro started training for a PPL(A) and, hooked on flying, abandoned plans for a career in medicine and set about qualifying as a commercial pilot instead.  As a commercial pilot, Caro flew the Handley-Page Herald, Fokker 27, Lockheed L188 Electra and Dash 8 series, but no jets, electing to down the training route rather than go for a jet job.  

In GA Caro has instructed to PPL(A) level and for the IMC Rating.  However, Caro's real passion is helicopters and only seven weeks after gaining a PPL(H) in 1994 Caro was offered a trip to Moscow in an R22 to take part in the World Helicopter Championships.

Several World Championships and two gold medals later Caro has finally hung up the competition hat - maybe!