Regional Safety Officer Northern England

Nils Jamieson
Nils originally learnt to fly gliders at age 14, with the Wolds Gliding Club at Pocklington. Moving on to gain a PPL(A) and SLMG by 19, he intended to pursue a career in the airlines after finishing school. Eyesight rules at the time prevented this, leading to a career in Mechanical Engineering and lots of spare time to fly in the intervening 13 years, as well as being a part time Flight Information Service Officer at Sywell Aerodrome. 

In 2003 eyesight rules changed and Nils finally made it to the airline industry in 2007 after working as a part-time flying instructor. He recently became a Captain for, flying the Boeing 737 but still instructs at Peterborough Sibson, His engineering knowledge continues to be useful too; he is an independent Quality consultant for four light aircraft engineering business in the Midlands and the South-East.

Favourite aircraft:                 Anything that flies

Favourite safety phrase:      Better late than never!