Our Safety Evenings and webinars last for 90 minutes and address current GA safety concerns.  Visiting speakers join the team of GASCo Regional Safety Officers and a short Q&A session is included.  We make the evening as interactive as practicable by taking audience polls as we go.

In addition to our GASCo Safety Evenings, we have more webinars in the pipeline addressing specific topics such as  Staying in Control;  Small Helicopter Safety; Sharpen up your Lookout; Airspace Infringements Awareness; Ditching & Sea Survival Theory; Threat and Error Management for GA Pilots; Setting Personal Limits and Understanding Weather in Europe.  Some of our safety evening webinars are adapted to include more specialised content for glider pilots and balloonists and these are identified in the description. 

Please contact us if there is an area of GA safety that you feel would be suitable to explore via a Safety Evening or webinar or if you would like to act as a host for a Safety Evening or webinar for your club association or organisation.