Safety Evenings 2017/18

Booking requests are beginning to flood in to the GASCo Office for the 2017/18 Season which started on 1st October. The title of this year’s presentation is Aware Today, Alive Tomorrow. The production addresses maintaining situational awareness, the use of threat and error management to prevent loss of control accidents, mid-air collisions and airspace infringements. All of this will be served up by the GASCo Regional Safety Officers in a non-preaching manner accompanied by the usual thought provoking facts and figures interspersed with relevant video clips. In addition to the traditional pack of information – which will contain among other things a printed copy of The Sky Way Code.

If you would like to host an evening (or afternoon) between 1st October 2017 and 30th April 2018, just telephone 01634 200203 or e-mail Penny and we’ll start the ball rolling.