Airspace Infringement Avoidance

19:00 - 2030 hours - Monday 5th September 2022

In this hour and a half long webinar, GASCo Regional Safety Officers will provide information on how to avoid having an airspace infringement. It will contain tips and suggestions, quizzes and an example of airspace pre-flight planning using Threat & Error Management techniques.
The GASCo panel will be joined by guest speaker, Amanda Rhodes.


Amanda Rhodes
Air Traffic Control Officer @NATS

Amanda is our guest speaker on this webinar. She is an approach radar controller for Luton approach and Stansted radar (formerly Essex radar) based at Swanwick in Hampshire. She validated on Essex radar (as it was) in 2003 and Luton approach in 2005.

The webinar is completely free to attend.


Advance Registration is required