British Hang Glider and Paraglider Association Incident Analysis 2011-2015

The BHPA has published in ‘Skywing’ an analysis of Incidents during 2011 to 2015. The total of reported incidents for paragliders has risen over the period from 87 in 2011 to 156 in 2015. For powered paragliders the pattern is similar and for hang gliders the number actually fell during the period. The increases in incidents are thought to be largely the consequence of members coming to realise that all incidents should be reported, not just those ending in injury. When the figures are further analysed to include only those that resulted in injury, paragliders started at 29, rose to 61 in 2013 and fell to 50 by the end of the period. Fractures of the arms, legs and spine are still the most common to the sport. Hang glider pilots tend to damage arms (usually as a result of forgetting to release the control frame on impact) and paragliding pilots tend to damage legs. The majority of paragliding injuries are as a result of stumbling/tripping/losing balance on launch or landing.