Independent Flight Examiners Association

This newly formed association intends to address the many issues and problems experienced by the growing number of authorised flight examiners conducting flight and simulator tests on behalf of the UK Civil Aviation Authority.  
“Since JAA and now EASA, the number of CAA employed examiners (staff examiners) has dwindled from some 30 to just three fixed wing and two rotary examiners in 2017,” says a statement from IFEA. “Test centres have disappeared, as has the capacity of the Authority to select or standardise the examining work-force. 

“This reduction in the CAA’s oversight of authorised examiners has caused concern to many conscientious examiners who have recognised the risk of decreased standards. 

“IFEA has been formed with the objective of assisting the CAA to maintain those high standards for which the UK flight training industry has been recognised. IFEA intends to work with the CAA in developing new policies for the selection, training and supervision of examiners.”

The IFEA officers appointed are:

            •           Anthony Mollison, Chair
            •           David Hoy, Deputy Chair & Treasurer
            •           Neil McMillan, Secretary
            •           Steve Oddy, Standards Advisor. 

There is to be a meeting of IFEA at Airways Aviation at Oxford Airport at 10.30 on Tuesday 11 April. All FE CPL, IRE and FE PPL and simulator examiners are welcome.