Radio Frequencies

With the recent introduction of 8.33 kHz frequencies continual changes must be expected, and you should check the current frequencies that you are likely to use before each flight. A phone call to your destination airport, usually a good idea anyway, may be helpful.

If you cannot raise a station once airborne it is possible that the frequency has changed and you should inquire of a local controller, London Information on 124.750 or Scottish Information on 119.875 / 127.275 / 134.850

For the most recently published updates go to  Navigate via ‘VFR Charts’ amongst the headings towards the top of the screen and then ‘Frequency Reference Cards’ from the column on the left.

At 29 November 2019 the most recent publication dates were:

Scotland:                                                                            20 June 2019

Northern England and Northern Ireland:                    18 July 2019

Southern England and Wales                                         12 Sep 2019