Heart Attack Precedes Fatal Crash

A 65 year experienced glider pilot and instructor was found dead in his crashed LS7 glider. The December 2019 AAIB monthly bulletin report states: The post mortem found that the pilot had suffered a heart attack prior to the ground impact which would have either rendered the pilot unconscious or been fatal. The pilot’s medical records did not show any pre-existing conditions which may have contributed to the accident. His family confirmed that he did not have any on-going or prolonged health issues.

GASCo offers its sincere sympathy to the family and friends of the pilot.

The December bulletin also includes a Field Investigation of report of a taxying trial of a Snowbird Mk 4 microlight which had just been recovered with fabric. The microlight inadvertently became airborne and would not recover from a banked turn that led to a crash. The 87 year old pilot was seriously injured but has since regained his health.

The GA Correspondence Investigations comprise a possible case of prop wash damage to a nearby aircraft on the ground, 1 landing accident, 1 take off, 1 Loss of Control where a sharp turn at low level caused a high speed stall and two forced landing following losses of power. Both were achieved without injury and the pilots deserve congratulation for concentrating on what saves lives following loss of power at low level.