Some Recent 1:500,000 Chart Amendments

Note: this list is by no means exhaustive. It refers only to the most recent issue of the relevant chart and is confined to the past six months at the most. Full details of all chart amendments will be found at Navigate via ‘VFR Charts’ (the top menu) and in the left hand side menu, ‘1:500k Chart Amendments’.

 Reference  Date  Summary
 141348 02/03/2017 LEE-ON-SOLENT (EGHF)
Changes to new ATZ (ref. 145915, effective 28/11/2016). See here for details.
 160048 02/02/2017 GUERNSEY (EGJB)
Visual Reference Points (VRPs)
Remove the following:
North East Point 493025.00N 0023031.00W
Add the following:
Fort Le Marchant 493032.00N 0023107.00W
Hanois Lighthouse 492606.00N 0024209.00W
Herm Island 492818.00N 0022655.00W
St Martin's Point 492518.00N 0023142.00W
 154705  02/03/2017 GUERNSEY (EGJB)
Visual Reference Points (VRPs)
Add the following:
Alderney Lighthouse 494344.83N 0020951.24W.
 122749  02/02/2017 WARTON (EGNO)
Visual   Reference Points (VRPs)
Remove the   following:
Blackburn   534451.00N 0022847.00W
Formby Point   533307.00N 0030619.00W
Garstang 535423.00N 0024633.00W
M6 Junction   26/M58 533204.00N 0024152.00W
Add the   following:
Garstang Marina   535419.50N 0024730.20W
M6 Junction 30/M61 534408.10N 0023856.10W
M6 Junction 32/M55 534827.40N 0024158.80W
Southport Pier 533919.10N 0030116.40W 
 124601 02/03/2017 SOUTHAMPTON (EGHI)
Visual Reference Points (VRPs)
Remove the following:
Totton 505512.00N 0012920.00W
Add the following:
Bullington Cross (A303/A34) 511030.61N 0012021.49W
Cowes 504541.27N 0011735.13W
M27 Junction 2 (Ower) 505645.12N 0013146.65W
New Alresford 510519.70N 0010859.10W
West Meon Crossroads (A32/A272) 510152.90N 0010430.22W
Wickham 505400.03N 0011114.80W
 94942 04/03/2017 ENR 5.5 - GLIDER SITES
Amend annotation 'G' to read 'G/2.8' at mil/glider site at 515200.00N 0014136.00W.
The following sites are depicted on 1:500,000 VFR Charts as disused
aerodromes. Pilots are advised that INTENSE GLIDING ACTIVITIES take place at
these sites during periods specified in the UK AIP.
1:500,000 Southern England and Wales Edition 43
Wethersfield 515824N 0003036E
Upottery (hang-gliding) 505305N 0030921W
Aston Down 514228N 0020750W
Saltby 524947N 0004245W
Metfield (hang-gliding) 522151N 0012330E
1:500,000 Northern England and Northern Ireland Edition 40
Burn 534445N 0010504W
Driffield (hang-gliding) 535942N 0002857W
See UK AIP ENR 5.5 (Aerial Sporting and Recreational Activities) for site details.
New RMZ to be established. See here and here for details.
PLEASE NOTE This RMZ, EFFECTIVE 30 MARCH 2017, will appear on 1:500,000 Southern England & Wales Edition 43 which is effective earlier on 2 March 2017. An appropriate note will be added to the chart to this effect.
164523 27/04/2017 PORTSMOUTH CTA 
CTA to be extended, replacing sections of some airways. See
 95042 06/04/2017 Depiction of specific glider, hang-gliding and para-gliding sites
Change the following combined disused aerodrome/glider site symbols to
glider sites only, removing the disused aerodrome element:
Aston Down 514228N 0020750W
Saltby 524947N 0004245W - also add annotation 'INTENSE GLIDER ACTIVITY'
Wethersfield 515824N 0003036E
Burn 534445N 0010504W
Change the following combined disused aerodrome/hang/para-gliding site
symbols to hang-gliding/para-gliding sites only, removing the disused aerodrome
Driffield (para-gliding/parascending) 535942N 0002857W
Metfield (hang-gliding) 522151N 0012330E
Upottery (hang-gliding) 505305N 0030921W - also add annotation 'INTENSE AERIAL ACTIVITY'
 154205 10/04/2017 EAST MIDLANDS (EGNX)
Add annotation 'EAST MIDLANDS LARS 134.175' in the vicinity of East Midlands Airport at 524952.00N 0011940.00W.
184732 12/04/2017 ELSTREE (EGTR)
ATZ Services/Frequencies list in Legend:
Amend entry to read 'ELSTREE (EGTR).....AFIS or A/G 122.400'
Southern England & Wales Frequency Reference Card:
Add frequency 122.400 to A/G column.
 171839 25/05/2017 DANGER AREA COMPLEX EG D701 Hebrides
Addition of new area D701Y and amendment to existing area D701C. Add D701Y to DAAIS list in chart legends and Scotland Frequency Reference Card. See here for details.
 133425  25/05/2017 COTSWOLD CTA
CTA to be extended, replacing sections of some airways. See here and AIC Y068/2016 for details. 
 152228 25/05/2017 PORTSMOUTH CTA
Changes to new CTA sector 5 (ref. 164523, effective 27/04/2017). Lower vertical limit revised from FL35 to FL55.
 150644 31/05/2017 ENR 5.5 - GLIDER SITES
Add new glider site, circle 2nm radius centred at 523758.00N 0003629.00W with elevation 350ft amsl. Add annotation /2.4.
150621 22/06/2017 BLACKPOOL (EGNH)
Visual Reference Points (VRPs)
Remove the following:
Kirkham 534657.00N 0025217.00W
Add the following:
M55 Junction 3 534825.00N 0025323.00W
New TMZ to be established. See here for details.