Tip of the Month

If your take off distance required is at all marginal when compared with what is available it is important to select a point along the strip or runway beyond which you cannot be confident of aborting the take off and stopping before the far hedge. If you are not going to be airborne by the time that you reach it then abort. Maybe you should try again with a lighter load or wait for a dryer surface or a better headwind. You can have as many tries as you like as long as you abort them in good time but you only get the one try if you push on beyond your abort point. When calculating your factored TODA do you use the GASCo Performance App?  It is available free of charge on IOS and Android systems.  Just type in 'gasco performance mini' in the relevant app store and you will be able to use it in seconds.  It makes applying take-off and landing factors easy and it's really easy to do 'what ifs',  for example the effect of the runway becoming wet after take-off and before landing.