Much Better!

Thankfully, the AAIB bulletin for last month reported no fatal accidents to UK GA. There is a Correspondence Report of the crash of a Cessna 414 light twin into a poultry shed at Enstone. Loss of power was experienced after take off and the AAIB comments, … the most likely cause of the left engine stopping during the aborted take off, and the right engine stopping during the accident flight, was a disruption in the fuel supply between the fuel tanks and engine fuel control units. The pilot appears to have kept control all the way down to the poultry shed and he and his passenger suffered minor injuries,

There is also a report from Bermuda of a Cessna 172 that exhibited a tendency to pitch nose down after take off despite application of NOSE UP trim. During the subsequent approach to land, the forces required to maintain the approach path increased to the point where the pilot could no longer control the glide path and the aircraft struck the ground short of the runway. The pilot suffered minor injuries. The trim operating cables were found to have been rigged in reverse. It does seem surprisingly easy for a fitter to make this sort of mistake on many light aircraft and where possible pre flight checks should include watching all the control surfaces including trim tabs while they are manipulated making sure that they all move as expected. This is all the more crucial immediately after the aircraft has received any engineering attention.

The monthly bulletin also includes an interim report on the loss of an N registered Piper Malibu with two occupants north of Guernsey at night in January. The pilot is known to have held an EASA PPL but so far it is not known what ratings, if any, were held. The financial relationship between the pilot and his passenger is also unknown so far. The pilot was operating VFR and was cleared to descend at his discretion to avoid weather. Radar records show a variety of headings and heights during the last two minutes of the flight before the aircraft struck the sea. Inquiries continue.

Of the remaining 7 reports, 3 are landing accidents, there is a take off accident, a fire in the air and a forced landing following loss of part of a canopy, possibly as a result of an encounter with a drone. The pilot made a forced landing and was uninjured.