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Here is an example of smart thinking by a Harvard pilot. When trouble confronts you, just focus on getting down with the minimum of complication: this is a time for putting your passengers’ and your personal safety first.

 Approach           EGSU: Duxford             20/09/2020                   

Returning to base from a local sortie and at about 2 miles to run with 2000 feet for a 'run and break' approach, the engine began to cut out and run again several times. Rather than troubleshoot the potential issue the best course of action seemed to be to take advantage of the position and altitude to guarantee an arrival to the airfield. A 'MAYDAY' was called to ensure the airfield traffic was clear, a landing was carried out with the engine still operating so was able to taxi clear to park.
Complementary 24/09/2020:
***, ***, 2 POB, MAYDAY engine problems final for 06 intentions to land on grass. Full emergency 999 called. 1045 lands and pilot states will taxi to parking. 1047 Duxford RFFS in attendance, outside agencies stood down. 1049 full emergency stood down by Duxford RFFS.