Occurrence reports are available on a controlled basis and provided that your interest relates to flight safety it is likely that the CAA will authorise access for you. Contact CAASubscriptions@caa.co.uk

Occurrence of the Month relates to a PA28 departing from Andrewsfield. Full marks to the pilot who, contributing to a Just Culture, has made this Occurrence Report as a lesson for us all.

'I had planned to depart EGSL [Andrewsfield] runway 27 and make a left turn out under the south-eastern Stansted CTA which begins at 2000 ft. On booking out I was informed that due to noise abatement, a right turn would be preferred. I had planned to fly a long route back to EGTO [Rochester] using the opportunity to do some VOR tracking utilising BKY and BPK. The departure was a normal one but I had completely forgotten that the EGSL local flying area is restricted to 1500 ft and was concerned only that I remained below the 2000 ft CTA. I had flown in and out of EGSL on several occasions before and can only assume a certain amount of complacency had set in. I am therefore reminded that particularly when operating in close proximity to controlled airspace a higher degree of care is needed to eliminate the possibility of any future infringement. Although using **** as a supplementary navigation device on this occasion no warning alert was issued presumably because I was located within the Stansted CTR at the time of switch on. This in no way justifies the infringement which is highly embarrassing to me in itself. Airspace infringement is a topic I feel very strongly about and am disappointed that I have allowed myself to be another statistic. I am determined this will not happen again and to that end will take more time to assess the situation correctly in future.'