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In this issue...

Chairman’s Corner

Prof Michael Bagshaw looks back on a challenging year, and forward with renewed confidence.

A Change in the Weather

Neil Rathbone goes behind the scenes at the Met Office HQ in Exeter, and explores what we know, what we don’t know, and what we will be able to know soon.

Flaps and Performance

Incorrect use of flaps – whether too much or too little – has caused many accidents, as Graham Smith explains.

GASCo News

Chief Executive, Mike O’Donoghue talks about GASCo’s 2023 Operating Plan and discusses the use of the Manchester Low Level Route.

SkyDemon hacks, hints & tips

Dave Unwin talks to SkyDemon’s Rob Hart about how to get the best out of this hugely powerful App.


Former GASCo Vice-Chairman Air Vice Marshal John Brownlow died last September aged 93. Flight Safety Magazine remembers a good man, and a great pilot, who contributed a tremendous amount to advancing the cause of flight safety.

Up To Date

Look here to find the latest publication dates of charts, AICs and other sources of valuable information that every aviator should know.

Airprox and Accident Reports

An assortment of the latest reports from the AAIB and Airprox Board.

From The (Glass) Cockpit

Digital cockpits are very impressive, but Dave Unwin contends that they are only as good as the pilot that uses them.