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In this issue …

Chairman’s Corner

Prof Michael Bagshaw looks forward to some Spring flying and a more independent GASCo.

Stretching your wings

It can be only too easy to get ‘type bound’. Dave Unwin makes the case for flying different types.

Walk the walk and squawk the squawk

We all know what transponders are, but as Derek Guyton explains, not everyone understands how they work.

GASCo News

Chief Executive, Mike O’Donoghue, looks back ten years and discovers that many of the same safety issues are still haunting the GA Community.

A Change in the Weather

Are you weather wise – or otherwise? Neil Rathbone continues his examination of the Met Office with  a look at the wide range of products and services they provide for GA.

Up To Date

Looking for the latest publication dates of charts, AICs and other valuable information? You’ll find it here, courtesy of AFE.

The Write Stuff

This issue’s letter writers submit their thoughts on SkyDemon, passenger briefs and engine management.

Airprox and Accident Reports

This issue’s compilation of accidents, incidents and airproxes from the AAIB and Airprox Board.

From The Cockpit

‘Never take a chance if you don’t have to’ is an aviation maxim that has been, quite literally, written in blood. Dave Unwin recalls the day he deliberately and unnecessarily ‘took a chance’, and only just got away with it.