Preliminary feedback affecting General Aviation from the second Consultation on the CAA
14 Apr 2022

Specific Elements of the Airspace Modernisation Strategy – Second Consultation

The CAA’s second consultation on the Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy 2022–2040 closed on 4th April 2022.  The Comment Response Document (CRD) will be published in a few weeks time.  There could be a re-consultation but the CAA's target is to publish the AMS by the end of the year.  Here is a summary of some of the main points of interest to General Aviation that the CRD is expected to address.

Voluntary submission of Flight Plan/PPR data via EFB applications.

Route field validation of VFR flight plans will be achieved via a prescribed interface typically enabled by the electronic flight bag functionality.

Automatic and directed sharing of Flight Plan data.

Electronic obstruction beacons (winch launching sites, hang-glider and large model sites).

Localised deployment of Traffic Information Service – Broadcast (TIS-B) in support of airspace integration.

A revised UK Flight Information Service based upon the ICAO-prescribed FIS with or without surveillance data enhancement.

Radio Mandatory Zone in lieu of the current Aerodrome Traffic Zone, regardless of the licensed status of that airfield.

Transponder Mandatory Zones supporting frequent IFR operations including GNSS approaches when the Flight Information Service provision at that airfield, air traffic control or Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer, is supplemented by cooperative surveillance data.

Switchable volumes of airspace, such as runway-dependent control areas (CTAs), allowing transit without necessity of a clearance.

FIS-B (Flight Information Service – Broadcast) FIS-B, in lieu of VOLMET and some DATIS capability.  Will include a wide range of meteorological products (including near-real-time precipitation data, METARs, TAFs, SIGMETs as well as selected ‘pop-up’ NOTAM information such as RA(T)s, TMZ(T)s and the activity status of any switchable airspace volumes).