30 December
Zenair CH 601 HD Zodiac: Nr Selkirk, Scotland
The pilot, the sole occupant, was killed when the locally based aircraft crashed.
(See AAIB Bulletin 08/2008).

16 December
Luscombe Silvaire: Nr. Admaston, Staffs
The two occupants of the Luscombe were killed when the aircraft collided with a Pacific 750XL. The New Zealand registered Pacific made an emergency landing at East Midlands airport without injury to the three occupants. The 750XL is a low wing PT6 powered single turboprop manufactured in New Zealand and able to carry 9 passengers or up to 17 parachutists. This is the first UK fatal Luscombe accident for over 25 years.
(See AAIB Bulletin 02/2009).

17 October
BN Islander: Guadal Canal Aerodrome, Nr. Seville, Spain
The aircraft over-ran on landing killing the pilot.

30 September
DynAir MCR-01 Banbi (foreign registered): Nr Bethersden, Kent
The female passenger was killed when the French registered aircraft crashed. The pilot suffered serious injuries.
(See AAIB Bulletin 11/2008).

16 September
Piper PA32-301 Saratoga: Shotteswell, Warwickshire (nr Banbury)
The 58 year old pilot was killed when the aircraft crashed shortly after taking off from Shotteswell air strip.
(see AAIB Bulletin 10/2008).

15 September
Hawker Hurricane: Shoreham, Sussex
Whilst participating in a dog fight sequence at the air display, the aircraft impacted the ground and was destroyed by fire. The pilot was killed.
(See AAIB Bulletin 11/2009).

27 August
Bolkow 207 (foreign registered): Navestock, Nr Brentwood, Essex
The aircraft crashed and burnt near the M25 shortly after taking off from a strip near Navestock. It failed to gain safe height and speed, stalled and crashed 270 metres beyond the strip. The pilot and a 3 year old girl were killed and a woman passenger was thrown clear on impact suffering non-life threatening injuries.
(see AAIB Bulletin 06/2008).

5 August
Piper PA28-140: Sandown, Isle of Wight
Shortly after taking off from Sandown on a flight to France, the aircraft crashed approximately half a mile from the airfield. All four occupants were killed.
(see AAIB Bulletin 10/2008).

8 July
Cessna F150L: Clutton, Nr Midsomer Norton, Somerset
The pilot and a 13 year old passenger were killed when the aircraft crashed shortly after taking off from Clutton Hall Farm strip.
(see AAIB Bulletin 07/2008).

1 June
Europa (built 1996): Nr Magor, South Wales
The aircraft was returning from Bodmin to a private strip near Magor when it suffered structural failure as a result of the right wing trailing edge retaining pin mechanism initiating the break up. Both occupants were killed. The PFA has issued 2 Mandatory Safety Bulletins as the in-flight break-up may have involved tail plane flutter. The aircraft was an early monowheel model with over 900 flying hours. The Bulletin calls for inspection, before the next flight, of the tailplanes, mass balances and rear wing pin attachment.
(see AAIB Bulletin 05/2008).

13 May
Skyarrow 650T: Nr Koprubasi, Tabson, Western Turkey
The UK pilot and his passenger were killed when it crashed during bad weather in mountainous terrain. The aircraft was on a flight from the UK to Pakistan.

17 April
Pulsar: Nr Nantwich, Cheshire
The two seat homebuild crashed shortly after taking off from a private strip. The pilot, the sole occupant was killed when he attempted to return after the engine lost power for undetermined reasons.
(see AAIB Bulletin 03/2008).

9 April
Piper PA28 R201T Arrow 3
After taking off from Oban Connel for Andrewsfield, Essex, the aircraft crashed 9 miles from Oban killing three occupants. It appears the non IMC or Instrument Rated pilot had lost control in IMC. The vacuum pump failure and the blood alcohol level of both pilots contributed.
(see AAIB Bulletin 06/2008).

11 March
DHC2 Turbo Beaver (Foreign Registered): Headcorn, Kent
While taking off with 8 parachutists on board, the pilot abandoned take off with insufficient room to stop. The aircraft struck a parked museum aircraft resulting in serious head injuries to the pilot, who s ubsequently died after being taken to hospital by air ambulance. Other passengers received minor injuries.
(see AAIB Bulletin 12/2007).

3 February
Piper PA28 Cherokee 140
The aircraft was returning to Blackpool from Exeter when it crashed into the sea in poor visibility at dusk with a 100ft cloud base close to Blackpool beach. The two on board were killed.
(see AAIB Bulletin 12/2007).


15 September
Squirrel 2: Nr Lanark, Scotland
The helicopter crashed in woodland whilst approaching the owners property. The pilot, well known rally driver Colin McRae, a family friend and two children were killed.
(See AAIB Bulletin 02/2009).

3 August
Robinson R44: Nr Kendal, Cumbria
The helicopter took off from Carnforth, Lancs at about 19.00 hrs for Lochmaben near Lockerbie. When it failed to arrive the emergency services were alerted. The wreck was found near Kendal, all four occupants had been killed. Control was lost after the helicopter entered an area of poor weather during which the pilots were unable to maintain VMC.
(see AAIB Bulletin 6/2008).

1 May
Twin Squirrel: Nr Peterborough, Cambs
The helicopter was returning from Liverpool Airport to a private landing site at Thornaugh when it crashed shortly after midnight in woodland approximately one mile from it's destination near Wansford, Cambs. All four occupants were killed.
(See AAIB Bulletin 11/2008).


26 August
Pegasus Quantum 15 Flexwing Microlight:
Rushden, Beds/Northants Border Both occupants were killed when the microlight crashed after an in-flight break-up following a tumble manoeuvre.
(see AAIB Bulletin 05/2008).

30 April
Quantum 912: Balica, Nr Valencia, Spain
The UK registered microlight dived into the ground from about 130ft on the approach, during the pilot's first solo. He had flown 68 hours all on flexiwing microlights.

6 April
Pegasus Quasar: Shifnal, Shropshire
The weight shift microlight crashed into a hedge on landing, killing the sole occupant.
(see AAIB Bulletin 10/2007).

28 March
Airborne Edge Streak 2B: Nr St. Albans, Herts
The pilot was killed when the flex-wing microlight crashed after striking the top of trees at Plaistows Farm, nr St. Albans, Herts. The female passenger was seriously injured. The Instructor's blood-alcohol level was 137mg/100m, the limit for pilots being 20mg and for driver's 80mg.
(see AAIB Bulletin 04/2008).


7 March
Parachutist killed near Bridlington, Yorks.


2 September
Ash 25 Glider: nr Tomintoul, Scotland
During the annual UK Mountain Soaring Championships, the glider crashed in rough terrain killing the highly experienced 51 year old pilot and seriously injuring the other pilot.
(see AAIB Bulletin 08/2008).


16 September
The UK paraglider pilot was killed nr La Ragne, France.

2 September
FreeX Arcane: Woldingham, Surrey
The canopy suffered an asymmetric collapse at low level resulting in heavy impact that killed the flyer , after it suffered an asymmetric canopy collapse at 70ft.
(see AAIB Bulletin 06/2008).

26 May
Wether Fell, Hawes, N. Yorkshire
The pilot was killed when there was a 60% collapse of the canopy while flying in thermic conditons at low level before recovery could be made.
(See AAIB Bulletin 03/2008).


8 July
Paranania Revolution 23
Following a low level manoeuvre. the paramotor crashed near Bexhill, Sussex, the pilot died two days
later in hospital.
(see AAIB Bulletin S4/2007).

11 June
Revolution Wing & PAP1400AS Motor Unit: Nr Tetbury, Glos
The pilot was killed when he lost control during a manoeuvre following participation in the UK National Paramotor Championships at Chavenage Green. The right hand side of the wing collapsed with insufficnet height to recover.
(see AAIB Bulletin 06/2008).